Happy Valentine Day

A sweet Valentine
A heart shaped French toast made with brioche, vanilla, raisins, walnuts and honey served with a French vanilla custard and fresh raspberries.

For the French vanilla custard, scold 2 cups of milk with a vanilla bean sliced in half length-wise. Be sure to scrape the vanilla seeds into the milk. Infuse for about 5 minutes. In a bowl, whisk together 5 egg yolks with 80g of sugar.  Pour the hot milk onto the egg mixture while whisking. Pour back into the saucepan, on low heat, and cook stirring constantly until the custard slightly thickens. Be careful not to cook it too long and curdle the eggs. Cool and refrigerate.

For the French toast: mix two eggs with a little vanilla extract, almond mild and honey.  Add a few raisings.  Chop a handful of walnuts and add to the mixture. Tear dome small pieces of brioche and add to the mixture.  Let soak about 10 minutes.

Heat a little grape seed oil in a heavy bottom skillet.  Place a large heart-shaped cookie cutter in the pan and pour the mixture inside.  A little bit will run out from the bottom but quickly settle.  Cook a few minutes until you can lift is with a metal spatula and flip it to cook the other side.

To serve, remove the cookie cutter, place the French toast in the center of the plate, pour a little French vanilla custard around and top with fresh raspberries. Sprinkle with icing sugar.